Private Coaching

To schedule a private coaching session, call 818-505-3123

Private coaching is crucial to booking work in Los Angeles. It is essential until you are booking jobs consistently and getting a high percentage of callbacks on your own. We make sure that the blocking, tone, and genre have all been properly addressed. We also look at choices such as hair and wardrobe for the audition. It is important to make the most of every audition and make a fan out of each casting director. Joshua has booked over 20 different prime time shows and pilots himself, and has helped hundreds of clients to callbacks and bookings.


Skype and FaceTime or phone coachings are also offered at the same rate as private coaching sessions. This comes in handy when an actor is on set or on location and can not get away to coach. Many of Joshua’s clients do not live in Los Angeles, but still like to work on acting from current television sides every week. Online video coaching is a way to give information access to actors who are not in town. There are people all over the country, and the world for that matter, who want to get the best film and television education possible. Often these actors do not have access to a coach that has as much professional on-set experience as Joshua. Skype and FaceTime make it possible for actors in other states to even the playing field using Joshua’s process with the material.


If theater is what you want to pursue, there are many fine programs at colleges around the country. But even the film and television acting programs at many of the universities in the country are not instructed by current working actors, or actors that have performed in anything recent. If film and television are what you want to pursue, you should work with a coach who has spent time working in the medium. In this age of technology, there is no reason for anyone to settle when it comes to their acting education, regardless of where they may reside. There is a discount available for students who are enrolled in ongoing classes, just ask! Please bring two copies of the material and email the sides before the appointment

Rates with Joshua

15 min $50

30 min $80

45 min $110

60 min $140

Rates with a JLS Instructor

15 Min $30

30 Min $60

45 Min $90

60 Min $120

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